Flame Grilled Chicken Dipped in Honey Chili and rolled in Potato Chips by Apicius

lee glassImage: Lee Gass Gallery > Chicken and egg.

Buy half a dozen chicken legs in the local supermarket, buy a small jar of honey, some chili flakes and a couple of lemons, and buy a large bag of potato chips. Salted.

Leave town and travel the darkening highway until you reach the coast. Park amongst the mosquitoes and casuarinas, take your food and cooking gear down to the beach. Stop a moment there and listen to fall of water, the breaking sea at night. Imagine speed and torque.

Hurry the morning.

Build a small fireplace amongst the rocks above the tidemark, burn the driftwood to incandescence and set the chicken onto the wire grill you’ve made out of coat hangers, or the fencing wire that you found handy on the way in.

Mix a couple of tablespoons of honey with a little lemon juice in an old beer can and sprinkle a good handful of chili flakes over the result.

Stick the can on the fire, loosen it all up.

Turn the chicken legs, let them sputter and cook all over.

Take the bag of potato chips and belt it around until you have crumbed them all, then pour them onto a plate.
The old tin plate, your other one.

When the chicken is done dip each piece into the mixture and give it another two minutes over the fire – get the honey glaze up. Breathe it in, sweet and sour.

Then take them off the fire and roll each leg into the crumbed chips.

Sit back.


Be thankful, and always pray for surf.

– Apicius.

Malacoota Inlet. November 1959.