On Past Nine, by Gary Crockett

In a restaurant I know - where no one ever goes

put the lights way down low
the candles all aglow
in a restaurant I know
where no one ever goes

so keep on rolling by
and whispering that song
its been like this before
never quite as long

and waiters down the side
talk of women in their lives
and peel the cellophane
off packs of 25

and way out off the beach
a mile away at least
a sailboat on the reach
the water underneath

spring turns to summer
like waves to the shore
gravity’s smiling that’s all

so put your chairs away
to fight another day
the counters English-made
and the radio still plays

but keep on hoping that
you’ll get her back on track
at least that’s what they say
the tide’ll turn someday

its getting on past nine
time to flip the sign
’sorry folks we’re closed’
been a quiet night

so keep on rolling by
like sea birds in the sky
upstairs a baby cries
a shop assistant sighs

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