The Flagship Surf-Shop

They are there in the main street of cities and towns as far from each other as Manchester is from Kalakaua Avenue, they glitter and entice and are full to bursting with all things surfing.

The big targets.

Shorts and shirts, watches and wallets, phones and key-fobs, leg-ropes, boards, bodyboards, wetsuits – They play the music and  run the movies – Why, Kelly or Joel, or Mick, or Occy, or Tom, or Layne, or Laura could show up at anytime looking for a special .. are they not human, like us?

Be a surfer, shop here .. !

I move that anyone who enters such an establishment is filmed and identified and posted onto the Internet as an offender.

I suggest that each beach in the Sydney metropolitan area (just for starters .. later we do the WORLD) have an onsite security guard with said evidentiary complicity as evidence of guilt and with the statutory powers to hunt down, evict, arrest – or given our favourable pre-disposition to the Iraqi / American way of punishing governance – condemn to death – anyone wearing a corporate surfing brand.

I suggest that all logo advertising be regarded as little more than gratuitous  graffiti and the general population be armed with constitutional rights that enables them as a legitimate body of force to ERASE these corporate examples of rampant hedonism. Whether the logos be emblazoned upon bodies or objects.

I move that mobile courts of jurisdiction be enabled and manned with trusted personnel that will allow the swift prosecution and imprisonment of offenders – perhaps in the manner of the late President Marcos, a former friend of this great island –  ie; a convoy of black 4WD’s in swift procession to unmarked fields or large brick buildings without  windows.

There is little time to waste – Global Warming is as we know, a threat to our future on this planet – learn howtobcome – but the corporate surfing dictatorships are with us now – Rise up my son, and shop at Lowes.