Why the best professional surfers are betraying their shapers.

The Poster Boy

There are two things, maybe three, that have allowed this fellow to claim ascendancy.

His ability, the conditions, and his board.

Yet if we look at the money shots of young Fanning as he claims his fabulous triumphs all we see are images of corporations plastered all over his body, and his board.

Professional surfing, these days, is little more than a procession of gifted individuals with their hands out and young Fanning has the distinction of being the first in line for the surfing dollar right now. Eager for a cheque from the corporations. We even have Occhilupo sucking from the same tit, years on.

Next in line for a cheque is the corporation itself, hand out, eager for some cash from the Fanning fan.

How deep into an interview with these champions must we look for a mention of the poor bastard shaper who has supplied them with the boards they use?

Here’s a question for the reader; last year the first three boats over the line in the Sydney Hobart race were made by the same Mona Vale boat builder. We looked for a mention of that fact in all the papers after the race and found very little – so who made Fanning’s board when he won the prize? Not the brand who made the board, the name of the shaper, the craftsman?

Try here, and good luck.

So be happy with your notional acquaintance with these champions you tradesmen, you are so far back in the line for money, a goodly share, that you should be buying lottery tickets for your retirement.

For the rest of us we should be happy to buy Chinese made, after all, it’s only a business decision – check with Mick. Check with Occy.