(not so ) Secret Spots – A trilogy of films by Mark Cherry – 26 March, Clovelly

A cherry

trilogy of short films by Mark Cherry

Gallery 329 Clovelly Road, Clovelly on Friday 26th March 2010 from 7pm to 9pm

3 short films by writer/ director Mark Cherry with collaborators James
Marshall, Matt Palmer, Jim Hearn and Amy Frasca will be presented at
Gallery 329 Clovelly on Friday 26th March from 7 – 9pm.

Synopsis –
(not so) Secret Spots is a trilogy of short films by Mark Cherry,
which collect impressions from the surf/life experience.

Mark Cherry has worked as a lecturer, writer and film critic.  His
areas of interest include education, surfing, film and popular
culture.  He has just finished the third short film in a trilogy
called (not so) Secret Spots, titled By way of Grupek – a Super 8 film
shot in Lombok Indonesia with Matthew Palmer and James Marshall.

Films –

Duchenne Smile
Even when the surf’s small, there’s another kind of perfect.
Duchenne Smile is the vision of writer/director, Mark Cherry. Part
memory, part day dream, the film chases the idea of the unaffected
smile. With producer Amy Frasca, graphic designer Jim Mitchell, sound
designer Dylan Martin, musician Sofjan Hughes, and sound engineer Gus
Till, a subtle emotion is gently coaxed to life.
Duration 4.50 mins

When three travelers find themselves tripping in Indonesia, immersed
in a society unfamiliar and strange, they draw comfort from the
culture, the people, and the ocean. Hospitality trades on
impressionism and poetry, avoiding the easy answers of a high
definition travelogue in favour of a more open-ended resonance.
Duration 3.20 mins

By Way of Grupek
Mark Cherry’s 3rd film in the (not so) Secret Spots trilogy, part
doco, part home movie. A collaboration with Matt Palmer and James
Marshall, it explores place, time and memory. Observational and
imagined, a surf break, pushed up from the ocean by repeated
Tsunami’s, is the shifting backdrop to a film that’s as much
impression, as it is circumstance.
Duration 3.15 mins

Shooting Format Super 8, Mini DV, nokia mobile phone

Master Formats Digital Beta

Copyright Notice Duchenne Smile, ©2006 Mark Cherry and Ariel Media,
Hospitality, ©2008 Mark Cherry, (not so) Secret Spots ©2010 Mark

Writer/ Director: Mark Cherry
Duchenne Smile, Hospitality, By Way of Grupek
Producer: Amy Frasca, James Marshall, Matt Palmer
Duchenne Smile, Hospitality, By Way of Grupek
Cinematography: Mark Cherry, James Marshall, Matt PalmerDuchenne
Smile, Hospitality, By Way of Grupek

Editor: Milosh, James Marshall, Matt Palmer
Duchenne Smile, Hospitality, By Way of Grupek

Writer, Voice: Jim HearnHospitality,

Graphic Design: Jim Mitchell with Sandy B, James Taggart
Duchenne Smile, Hospitality
Sound Design: Dylan Martin & Jonath, James Marshall,  Matt
PalmerDuchenne Smile, Hospitality, By Way of Grupek
Title Track: Sofjan Hughes
Duchenne Smile
Sound Engineer: Gus Till
Duchenne Smile

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Media Enquires and Distribution Contact
Amy Frasca  – Ariel Media
+61 (0) 425 332 490

Any members of the Kurungabaa editorial staff, or indeed anyone in possession of a copy of the magazine will be expected to pay double the entry fee and be seated waaaaay down the back near the toilets – Drinks at the Clovelly Hotel after the show are to be paid to Mr. Cherry, in cash, and in advance.