Why so many of us must stop surfing, NOW !

There are some of us who, sadly, should be at the golf course rather than on the beach


The gentleman pictured at left, probably a wealthy banker, silver tongued barrister or an impoverished accountant, should have sought some professional advice before (1) choosing the board, (2) buying the boardies, (3) and venturing out.

The vision here is bad, very bad, and can only hurt the image of The Surfer  that has taken us so many generations to perfect. (refer to previous Laird Hamilton pic)

The old boy here has got the whole thing wrong, universally, unless of course he is giving the board back to someone just out of shot.

The dark patches on the nose and tail – what do they mean? Does he have a storage problem?

The eager look of him and the utter dribble that he wants to get into, is he on drugs?

– and of course anyone over the age of 38 should go for total body cover in all seasons – gravity doesn’t suck, it pulls, and no matter how many thousands of hours have been spent battling through heavy seas in our youth and prime all we show for it at that age and beyond is inelastic skin, unhealthy pallor, freckles blotches moles scars, white patches, dark patches, weak vision, loose bowels, tortured bladder, cold water hemorrhoids, inflamed sense of self worth,  and a seriously deformed muscle mass.

Then in later life things may well take a turn for the worse.