So, how was YOUR day ?

Larry writes …

There are times when the beach is appealing if only for the solitude and opportunity to watch the changing nature of the water surface and life in the dunes. Special hours when all becomes calm, when minutes stretch and all manner of minute life struggles away in the beachside scrub.

A man and his dog wander up the stretch, he tosses a stick and the dog retrieves the stick, again and again. The dog is a very large pug nosed Boxer, the man is grey haired and wears a floral shirt – toss and retrieve, toss and retrieve – They stop right in front of me, two miles of empty beach and here they are.

I just want to be friends

– for ten minutes, then the beast sees me and stops his play, he watches me intently and drops the stick from his mouth, the man is looking elsewhere. The dog then comes at me and the closer it gets the faster it comes – This is not a friendly animal. I stand, the dog’s owner turns, sees what’s happening and calls to his dog and the he starts to run towards us. He calls louder but the dog is now up to me and moving behind my back. I’m a dead man standing, very still.

The man gives one loud call and the dog retreats, moves off.

I look at the grey haired fellow and forcefully enlighten him with regard to the leashing of dogs (1) and the prohibition of animals in general on the beach (2)

He stops and looks at me, he suggests that I leave the beach and immediately involve myself in a passive homosexual act (see footnote*), he raises a finger skywards in what could only be an invitation to me to appraise its musculature, he takes hold of his genitals outside of his clothes and mimes an act of masturbation.

What am I witnessing here?

An old fool with uncontrollable sexual impulses? .. (satyriasis)

An unfortunate sufferer of Tourette’s Syndrome ?

– or just another bloody dickhead with a dog on a public beach?

I’ll get out of your way now, thanks for getting this far.

(* go and get fucked)