The Still Point (Trailer) by Taki Bibelas

Pixi Fish Films

“I wonder if when I go into the ocean if I am not hiding from things” – Mark Cunningham.

A T.S. Eliot Poem inspires a film about water and the ocean that is told by surfers.

‘ At the still point of the turning world …. Where past and future are gathered …. Neither movement from nor towards …. Except for the point, the still point, There would be no dance, and there is only the dance. ’


The images from these words bring us to a place where there is everything and nothing, an image found in eastern thought and a concept found in quantum physics. Surf is a metaphor. We hear about all life being made of waves, from the waves on our planet to the waves of light. Wave and Particle theory deals with mater on a sub atomic level, but being in the ocean is the only place we can tangibly feel a wave like motion. Is that why it feel good in the water? Does time change in the ocean, can one become water, what is mana, why does it feel good to jump in the ocean, is all life made of waves. Does it offer a rite of passage? Is all life made of waves? How does science fit in? Where is the art form, what is the dance? Is the ocean alive, does it have a consciousness? If we believed it, we might be more respectful of it. The curl of the wave is a Fibonacci spiral, the golden ratio, a mathematical form found everywhere in nature from the shape of the galaxy, to patterns in plants, to the double-helix spiral of our own DNA. What we learn from the ocean must surely apply to all of nature: plants, animals, people. Being in tune with life, understanding the concept of nothingness, having respect having respect for everything, will in the end lead us down the path of seeing all things in a simpler way. A film about waves, surf and the connection of all things.