See, now .. (a song of lament)


this ancient granite here

in its forested crypt

shaded for centuries by cedar

and motionless stand of slender


imprinted, faintly grooved

by occasional water

~ See, look you here

my daughter

where sunlight has just glinted

such is the way of things he created

~ Stay with me a while, here

where this rock has, for centuries

so silently waited

~ See

where this softness,

this meandered slow trickle

this glittering cold thread amongst lichen and mosses

whose life is intermittent

and eternally fickle

has had its path etched permanent

on the dead stone it crosses

~ Grasp it lad, is it there?

do you have it hard kept?

ask you –

howcome this softness that scars hardrock

leaves your young palm just damply wet

~ So same and howcome his word,

though softly spent

leaves a path to the soul

of some

reminiscent of a torrent

~ First will be last and last will be first

is what he said

those whose hearts are stone

will find their hardness spent

is what he surely meant

if they allow their blocked ears to hear

and their blinded eyes to rent

~ Seek me now

and seek me often

~ My heart is lonely

~ Be not so hard

come to me