Surf Charters and The Taste of Flesh

Imagine if this was a surf charter …

In 1536 [2010], Richard Hore, an English gentleman [Surf Charter Operator] organised an expedition to the New World [some new surf discoveries he wanted to exploit ] that had two ships, a crew of ninety, and thirty “gentlemen” [surfers] who were interested in an exotic adventure.

The crossing was long, almost two months, and their adventure was initially limited to spotting some Beothuk on Newfoundland [average waves].

One of the ships became unseaworthy and they ran out of food. They had little luck hunting or fishing and scoured the land for edible roots and herbs. An account of the voyage was told by one of the survivors, Sir William Buts:

“…but the famine increasing and the reliefe of herbes being to little purpose to satisfie their insatiable hunger, in the fields and deserts here and there, the fellowe killed his mate while he stouped to take up a roote for his reliefe, and cutting out pieces of his body whome he had murthered, broyled the same on the coles and greedily devoured them. By this meane the company decreased… ”