the grammar of everyday life ~ by kim satchell

banksy in Palestine

reading aloud and thinking backwards. these
micro totems in the urban bungle bungles
are inveterate scrawls with origins…in
maths and science books, stick figures
animated by curling corners,
flicking pages and thumbs.
still life, still born and abandoned
on streets that murmur evocatively
in the oceanic night,
confused with dreams and wandering
desires, drained of advertising
infused with ordinary aesthetics.
signal boxes caught in-between
noise and messaging,
on the knife edge of meaning.
maddening, sense and sensibility
wonder and the repression of
urban decay. gathering as dust
as paint, as magic, as fodder,
as ferment, as nostalgia for
coastal arcadias. when it rains
sentimentality gets a sheen
(drought short shrift)
as bodies become sodden
with liquid memories. soused.
after a time skin wrinkles,
smiles become wry and
giggles guttural. longing
takes on form and colour,
passers-by lend to a pantomime
they cannot resist. their insouciance
a manner of walking and dreaming
the grammar of everyday life.

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