I just read a spontaneous definition of the word ‘kook’. It comes from a Gold Coast surfer and he reckons a kook is ‘A shit bloke and a shit surfer’.


It made me think about that word, and how I hear it used. Where I surf, it is used as an insult, and is mostly thrown at out-of-towners. It also made me think that I don’t hear it much used outside of surfing at all – it certainly hasn’t been taken up by the general population anyway. Oh! Except for ‘kooky’, which is more about eccentricity than necessarily insulting. Hmmm…

So maybe this guy got it right? (Except that, of course, chicks can be ‘shit’ as well.) I mean, I don’t see it much used as an insult on this blog – not even in the comments sections, which is surprising, when you think about it!! We use stoked all the time, which I’ve decided to take as a reflection of the kinds of folk we are about these parts, and which is a good thing!

Anyway, I guess what this convoluted little post is asking, is what you reckon a kook is?