Sand Seas: George Steinmetz

All art is but imitation of nature.—Lucius Annaeus Seneca

To this I would add, “All nature is but imitation of nature.”  This is no longer a time when we view our world as a system of separate original spheres, but rather a sequence of interrelated elements.  Winds rolls through the skies like waves; water heats up like fire; earth shifts its landscapes to mimic the seas.  George Steinmetz, professional photographer from National Geographic, saw this imitation in the deserts of the world and set out to document the formulas by way of a motorized paraglider.   Above is a glimpse into his work.  Often you find yourself looking at a photo and feel confused as to where the sea ends and land begins.  Hues are sometimes the only indicators.   Furthermore, you could say the mimicry appears almost reasoned, deliberate.  The lines and shapes of our world repeat themselves in every element.  They unintentionally appreciate one another’s existence and mold themselves accordingly.  The greatest of flatteries among the greatest of scenes!