An Open Letter to Billabong from an Andy Irons’ Fan: Pay Up

There is now a “Friends of Andy Irons Fund”, according to the Billabong website:

There has been a growing concern about the future of Andy and Lyndie’s unborn son and an overwhelming amount of requests from those who desire to support the soon to be growing family. With Lyndie’s permission, friends close to the family felt the only right thing to do would be to find a way to make sure that Andy’s legacy was honoured by establishing an account that will help in providing the maintenance, health and education for Andy’s soon to be son. 

The Friends of Andy Irons Fund has been set up to offer an outlet for the great generosity that the entire surf community (and many others who were touched by Andy) felt so deeply.  

The fund is set up as a legitimate professional fund service to insure legal status and tax requirements. (Billabong)

Supporting Andy Iron’s family is paramount.

But for fuck’s sake, Billabong pay up! Andy Irons was part of your “family”, as your marketing pitch so liked to proclaim. Andy Irons worked hard and put it all on the line for your company. All the while he was traveling the world away from his family and friends for long periods.

Yes, it was his job. However, the Billabong company had a duty of care to look after their “employee” and “friend” who was doing this for them, and spectacularly and tragically failed at this. And now Billabong fail again. Disgraceful.

The Billabong company should be saying:”Thanks, but no thanks, fans. We have Andy Irons’ family covered with a healthy trust fund for his future child and beautiful wife. If fans insist on donating, the money it will go to help disadvantaged Hawai’ian children, on behalf of Andy and his family. We will also match any monies donated. This way people can show their support for him and his people. Thanks for everything, Andy”

Except, shareholders and managerial salaries come first, I guess. Are those making decisions in the company simply too stupid to know what an ethical course of action actually is?

The immaturity of the Billabong decision making in regards to this tragedy is beyond the pale.

Hang your heads in shame.

ps. By the way, go here for a serious article on Andy Irons, outside the surf industry spin you sent out.

pps. Why are you branding all the tributes etc put out by yourselves? A tiny bit of humility and decorum, please.