Buy Local, Surf Global: a short film by ocean steward Kyle Thiermann

The latest from our traveling, surfing, contemplating, motivating, and full-on stoked friend, Kyle Thiermann:

a few extra words from Kyle:

“Buying local won’t solve all the problems of the world. That being said I understand that most people aren’t going to become full-time activists and take actions that are unrealistically difficult. Buying local and responsible is a great place to start to gaining that consciousness. Plus it’s not that hard and feels good.”

“You have more power that you know and change happens one decision at a time.”

“I learned that when you buy a t-shirt here, it affects people on the other side of the world. Every time you buy something, you’re sending a message to industry that you DO care, or you DON’T care.”

have questions or comments? let him know!

…and a few of my own thoughts, inspired by Kyle Thiermann’s recent projects ( ), Think Local First ( ), and the voices of my ancestors and great great great great great grandchildren:

Consume consciously and compassionately; do your homework; get to know your merchants; learn where your products come from and consider where they will end up; be connected to your community and your environment; make and give gifts from the heart, and appreciate all thoughtful gifts, no matter how modest; buy locally when it is the best decision, buy responsibly always!

Blessings and Barrels,