Sea Turtle Finds Lost Camera

(from YT blurb…)
I found a camera and Ikelite waterproof housing washed ashore in Key West, FL. Pictures dated from November, 2009 indicate it floated all the way from Aruba over a period of 6 months. Two months in to the journey, this sea turtle came across it and probably tried to eat it, turning the camera on and recording himself. The owner has been located in Aruba and confirmed he lost it while diving off Aruba on November 11, 2009. The last thing the owner did was take a video, so the camera was in video mode. This incident with the turtle ocurred on January 15, 2010. The camera washed ashore in Key West on May 16, 2010 covered in growth.

The whole account is here – if you have the Holmesian instinct to backstory this most remarkable and (for me) mesmerising footage of randomness, beauty, life in water…