Letters from Sun Dew – by Freya Mathews

PS I looked up this mysterious name, ‘Rosmarin’, that you – with such
inscrutable merriment! – bestowed on me during our time amongst the rocks.
Nothing to do with roses, as it turns out. Or with herbs. Rather, it is an archaic
word from the Latin ros, meaning dew, and marin, meaning sea! Sea Dew. So I belong to the dew family too!!?

The word also referred, apparently, to a mythical and immortal sea creature – vaguely similar in appearance to the walrus – that used to climb up cliffs to lick the dew. How on earth did you have such a name at your disposal, Sun Dew? Never mind! I will glory in it, and treat it as a Daoist appellation: Rosmarin, the Dew Drinking Recluse! Though don’t think I am unaware of the connotation of tears in this image of salt dew…..

Excerpt from The Trumpeter journal vol.26 2010