Papa Mau Piailug

This past summer, in between finishing a dissertation chapter draft on Ma’ohi anti-nuclear literature and frantically trying to find an apartment for my four month research/work stint in Paris from thousands of miles away, the passing of the honorable Satawalese Master Navigator Mau Piailug escaped my notice. But in my recent reconnection with thesis research on Kanaka Maoli ‘epistemology’/(ways of knowing and being), I remembered Na’alehu Anthony’s recent film, Papa Mau: The Wayfinder. The film will screen in San Francisco at the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival on March 12, 2011.
While searching for the film trailer, I stumbled across this other short film, and learned of Mau’s passing. I never had the privilege of knowing Mau in person, but recognize the unfathomable contributions he has made to the careful perpetuation of indigenous Oceanic knowledge. This is my preliminary moment of remembrance for Mau, and is my humble effort to encourage awareness of his legacy and teachings, which are the blessings of his ancestors. This short film, produced by Makaha Studios ( documents the Polynesian Voyaging Society’s day of remembrance for Master Navigator, Mau Piailug. Salaam, ya Mau.