Research about Bondi

Just a sneak post on behalf of some friends of mine. They are doing some research into community and belonging at Bondi Beach. If anyone can help out (they are looking for surfers at the moment) by agreeing to a short interview my friends would be stoked. the research is through the University of New South Wales. The blurb is below. If you can help out please email me clifton[dot]evers[at]nottingham[dot]edu[dot]cn

“Belonging in Australia: From identity to difference”

Through a study of the various ways people use and engage with the public space in a Sydney local government area, this project is investigating the hypothesis that there are two distinct forms of belonging in evidence: one based on the logic of identity and the language of ownership or possession, and another based on a logic of intertwining and connectedness and associated with the language of custodianship.

To test this hypothesis, some researchers are getting to know people’s experiences of the public spaces of Bondi Beach, to understand if they feel a sense of community and belonging, and to get to know the characteristics of this experience of communality. As well as exploring people’s links to other people, they have a particular interest in the relation people have to the physical attributes of the beach.