The Sea is Alight

Louise looked down at the sea which was deep brown after days of rain. She watched the colour, the mixture of mud, salt and water, and the small currents and pockets of movement within. It was a Friday morning at the end of July; the traffic was heavy on the quays. The watery grey light sat over the houses across the bay. Louise relished this time, this pause in what had been a hectic day. She stood and walked over the dune into a clearing. From here everything but the sea was hidden from her view. She walked along a stairway, old stone, old wood, old echoes. She loved the privacy of it; her solitary presence in this vast city whose function nobody really knew.

Louise approached a carpark and paused at her car. A silver Buick van. Rusted. Wax sat on the dashboard. The car had been unguarded so she crawled underneath. It would be easy to pack explosives underneath. In the past she had turned the ignition conscious that in one second the whole car could go, a ball of flame. Now things were a bit safer; things had been calm. She checked every time, anyway.

To be continued