Brew and Sea-boards: A Pairing

I’ve been thinking recently about the coupling of surfing and artisanal beer and why they seem to compliment each other so refreshingly well.  What is it about proper hops and a finely shaped board that attract us?  In a world of harefooted evolution, surfing and beer are unhurried pleasures during both their fabrication and consumption. Take, for instance, the way micro-breweries concoct their beer.  They question every nutritive benefit, aromatic configuration, temperature, brew time, taste, ingredient origin, hue and structure.  This carefulness requires patience, but the result is a beverage fashioned by passion and reflection.

The same exactness and attachment could be said of the way independent shapers approach their craft.  Out of basic wood, bamboo or foam, a manoeuvrable sea-board takes shape. Every angle, width, length, texture, color, concave and even imperfection is the mark of an artisan consumed by his creation and travail. It is only suitable that such attention during fabrication translates into an appreciated enjoyment by the consumer.  When one drinks a proper brew, it is not hurriedly flushed down the gullet.  No, it is acknowledged as a measured art and savored accordingly.  When one purchases a freshly formed surfing board, it is not some fleeting token.  No, it is a cherished vehicle to enjoy the ocean.  In both circumstances, it is known that a journeyman keenly labored over these treasures.

And this is why good beer and surfing mesh so well.  They are individualized in a world of uniformity; they are slow in a time of rapidity; they are personalized among unfeeling, cybernetic manufacturing; they are, more than anything, an extension of the authenticated playfulness, goodness, simplicity and originality of our kind.

Surf. Drink. Be Merry.  (Board Image)