Magical Mystery Quiver Board # 1 by Justin Martin

I love surfboards. I love the anticipation of getting a new one, working out the dimensions, debating the merits of various types, and dying with desire for that “object” as the shaper hands it over. I love the smell of them curing in the back of the car. I love running my hands over the rails and eyeing off the concave/vee. I love spinning it my hands every which way. I love tints, colouring them in, drawing all over them, and leaving them white. I love swimming underneath them and admiring their outline and their fin set-up. I love the feel of standing on them as we jam off the bottom and into a deep barrel slide. I love that “whoosh” as I bank hard off the top and the trust we have in each other. I love the memories each board carries. Each board is mine and each has its place. Each board is me. Justin Martin obviously feels the same way, so I will over the following weeks post a series images of his boards and art he has sent through. I dig them and love the stories they tell and hope you do too. I find them inspiring – Clif

The First Phantom

6’4″ x 19 1/4″ x 2 3/4″
winged pintail (widepoint 3″ behind middle of board)

Shaped by Andrew Marsh
Glassed & glossed by Jon at Chaos Surfboards

Having just taken the oath upon the skull of his father’s murderer, the Phantom emerges, costumed for the first time, ready to devote his life to the destruction of piracy, injustice and cruelty, wherever it may exist…..”And may my sons follow me”.

A homage to the old “superhero” boards I remember growing up as a kid and as I have been collecting Phantom comics since I was around eleven years old I have always wanted a surfboard with the phantom on it so this was the first surfboard I did that I spent more than two days painting. At the time of painting I had recently returned to Australia divorced and broke so to me the board is also a metaphor for new beginnings and standing up an dyeing self reliant, the Phantom’s boat burning in the background represent an end to his old life and his emerging unwaveringly from the beach costumed for the first time symbolises the self reliance needed to face an (unknown) future regardless of the consequences.