Magical Mystery Quiver Board # 2 by Justin Martin

Welcome to the Caribbean (fish) 

5’7″ x 22″ x 2 3/4″

marine ply keel fish

 Shaped by Andrew Marsh

Fins, glassed & glossed by Jon at Chaos Surfboards

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are you always need a fun small wave board and I had this shaped for a bit of summer fun. In a nod to 70’s surf movie posters a the centre of the picture on the bottom of this board is a rasta locked into a barrel as the sun rises over the headland in the background while panning out from there reveals hidden images that show the character,history and personnel experiences from the caribbean coast of Costa Rica from ganja smoking rastas in the bushes, bikini girls, surfboards left behind, crack smoking skeletons to Sir Francis Drake who reputedly buried his treasure somewhere in Costa Rica. This boards documents a shift in focus away from capturing “traditional” surf art themes into trying capture themes which capture my own personnel and spiritual experiences of a place.

The deck is inspired by Joseph Conrad’s “Hearts of Darkness” novel (which inspired the legendary movie Apocalypse Now). Taking a banana boat upriver off the coast into the BriBri indigenous reserve with the Talamacan mountain range in the background, thanks to surfing sometimes the best experiences you have are the adventures which occur nowhere near the coast, perhaps it is right when they say it’s the journey not the destination.