Longboard Girls Crew

This Longboard Girls Crew looks epic to me. If only I could skate…

(via Endless Bummer. Of course!)

I love watching this clip, because it reminds me of my own girlfriends and how much fun it is to go surfing just with them.

Because, when I go surfing, I’m often one of the only girls, or one of a few amongst a group of dudes. And I don’t mind that at all – I love that surfing means I get to hang out with guys in the water and I feel lucky that I get to – but when my girlfriends and I manage to steal an opportunity for it to be just us, it’s pretty great. It’s rare though. Off the top of my head, I can only think of three times ever when it’s just been me and other women, and even on those occasions guys ended up appearing after a while. And it’s different surfing just with chicks. I’m not really sure that I know how to explain why it’s different (or perhaps I’m just not willing to?) but it’s, there’s often more talking and laughing, it’s less body-conscious, it’s less competitive, and it feels like there’s less at stake. That’s not to say that my friends aren’t pushing themselves in terms of waves, turns, nose-riding etc, but it’s just, well, different.

Clearly, I need to think a lot more about this. Or maybe I just haven’t had the chance to experience these moments as often as I’d like.  But watching this film of this all-girl crew hanging out and skating their own ways – as women/girls/chicks – without the guys competing with them, made me miss my friends at home.