la libération et l’amour libre sur la côte

Vancouver Kiss to Eternity by ABC Tech & Games

The striking image of a couple kissing amid Wednesday’s Vancouver riots has started to go viral on the internet. The original photograph was captured by Getty photographer, Rich Lam, and features Australian, Scott Jones and local resident, Alexandra Thomas.

Vancouver Kiss on Bondi Beach by ABC Tech & Games

as Dave Cassidy might've once said 'gettin'up for love'

Jones says that the couple weren’t actually kissing but that he was consoling the girl after she was knocked down by a riot police charge. This has mattered little to the internet with “Vancouver Riot Kiss” trending very high on the Google Insights ‘internet barometer’ and with many web denizens relocating the couple to other iconic places.

One image sees the couple smooching next to the column of tanks in the Tiananmen Square protests. Another places them in the background of the iconic VJ Day Times Square photograph. Others have been cheekier and placed the couple in the foreground of the infamous Rodney King beating but a favourite of many is a cover mock-up of George Orwell’s 1984.