Surfing Nias with J.O.B or Chasing Lobsters at Lagundri

I know.

I know.

This is old news, but I just got access to youteebs.

The footage is killer, regardless.

Awhile back I chased a purple blob in the Indian Ocean and ended up in Lagundri. The swell was the best I have ever had there. Jamie O’Brien et al were there. He was riding a 5’11 with belly channels, I think.  This is the footage, it looks as full-on as it was. The sessions were right on the limit of my abilities. I spent more time doing cartwheels under the water, inspecting the reef  and chasing lobsters than getting pitted. Rivalling Jamie was a non-descript bloke from Australia on his annual holiday. With a floppy sunhat on (which I still can’t believe stayed on the entire time) and he went everything and anything. It was like he had woken that morning, looked in the mirror and muttered, “today is me day”. The show in the water and from the impact zone, as I got caught inside again, was epic, to say the least. Definately, worth a watch.

ps. If anyone wants lessons on how not to ride Lagundri feel free to comment below and I will do my best to answer your enquiries. For instruction on how to ride Lagundri you’ll have to email Mr J.O.B.