Life Saving Tips

“There are a lot of different ways people get in trouble in the surf. They might not notice the rips, or dangers in the waves. So you’ve got to be smart in the surf. And you’ve got to know your life-saving tips.
We reckon this is true in life too. There are all sorts of hassles that young people have to deal with. Hassles at school, trouble at home. And for some of us, you can add poverty and racism to the mix.
That’s why we’ve made a film, this website and a publication about our life-saving tips. These are some of our ways to survive tough times in life.
A whole bunch of young Australians from Muslim backgrounds have come together to share our life-saving tips with you. We hope the ideas we’ve come up with might be helpful to you, wherever you are living, and whenever you’re feeling down.”

The Life Saving Tips project recognises that young Australians from Muslim backgrounds have particular skills and knowledge that can be valuable to other young people throughout the country and beyond. Some background info about Australian Muslims and about pre-European Muslims (Macassans) in Australia and more here.

Using what are called ‘collective narrative practices’ they have elicited, richly described and documented these special skills and knowledge, and then circulated these via a publication, an accompanying DVD and website (mainly displaying short video clips and some highly readable written tips, as well as a place to submit shared experiences and reflections).

One of the key principles of collective narrative practice is to enable groups experiencing marginalisation to make contributions to the lives of others. In this instance, the hard-won knowledge of young Australians of Muslim heritage is now already making contributions to the lives of other young people. The sharing of these life-saving tips will continue over coming months and years.

To participate:

View the 12x2min videos, read further life-saving tips, and submit your responses. Or alternatively, let others know about this project and invite them to contact the project at the site.

For more information

For more information about collective narrative practice, see:

Denborough, D. (2008). Collective narrative practice: Responding to individuals, groups and communities who have experienced trauma. Adelaide: Dulwich Centre Publications

Dulwich Centre website: