Oh my heart!

My niece and nephew love going to the beach, and my sister and I love taking them. In particular, they love the idea of surfing and ask”Are you going surfing, Aunty Bec?” whenever I leave in my car.

We have this one little bodyboard that is made of foam and covered in that scratchy, weird (probably dangerous for you) fabric that manufacturers can’t help but cover in ugly images of Barbie or dolphins or cartoon surfers. They fight over who gets to carry it as we leave the house. At nearly 7 years, F is older and usually capitulates to let his toddler sister carry it. He’s a kind boy, and so sweetly patient with his bull-at-a-gate sister. She always ends up wanting him to carry it anyway and insisting that we pick her up to cross the pebbly path.

When my sister showed me this photo she took of us as we walked to the beach from my parents’ place, I had to laugh at my niece copying me. She loves the ocean and she longs to surf, even though at 2 1/2, she’s not entirely sure what that means.

It means the world to me though.