mud flat, warm waters

James describes the moment when he drove his family to experience the mud flats and rare summer rains at Paynes Find, Mid Western Australia.

“Although the water from the sky was rain, we were swimming in a mud flat, so it was basically turning into mud before our eyes. It felt so silky, smooth and beautiful.”
“Here we were in this mud flat, pure water, pure mud uncontaminated by anything, soft silky and smooth.”

James states that it’s very rare to have so much water after the summer period and on this particular weekend there was a humid storm brewing in the distance.

James had some great times with his family. This photo captures a very unique action shot where James is tossing his son, Keagan, into the air for some muddy fun!

In recent times, James has been back to this same spot to find there has been no water.

“It was an amazing time to be there, the water brought in all kinds of wildlife to the area. Birds, kangaroos, emus… it was a beautiful place to go and swim on a 40 degree day.”

from ABC Open Mid West WA