Mediterranean blue

“You are speaking like an oracle, Mr. Lascaris,” I said.


“Well,” he replied, “I was always tempted by the loneliness towards megalomania! On the other hand, I must never forget my classical education, and the need to see life through fragile eyes. If St Paul said anything good, it was that power becomes perfect in weakness. That’s what I feel like myself: weak, fragile, vulnerable. My creature-hood overpowers my mind and self-confidence. It is through this that I can read Patrick’s novels, searching for a glimpse of kindness, as he himself would have said. In a most miserable moments of my life, I used to close my eyes and remember the Mediterranean blue, which nurtured my senses back then. I can still hear the endless murmurings of the waves along the shores of Egypt, where I first felt my body and my conscience in action.”


from Recollections of Mr Manoly Lascaris by Vrasidas Karalis, 2008