Standing Up For the Great Bear Rainforest

“Lost in the cacophony over the Keystone XL pipeline debate in the United States is the fact that a Canadian company intends to build a pipeline channeling its tar sands oil to its west coast through the Great Bear Rainforest — an ecosystem easily wilder and less touched by man than the route of Keystone. The Northern Gateway pipeline by Calgary-based Enbridge would stretch 1,170 kilometers from Alberta’s tar sands to Kitimat, British Columbia, where its oil would be loaded onto tankers heading to Asia.

For many of western Canada’s environmentalists, saving the Great Bear is issue number one, and filmmaker Anthony Bonello has begun working on a project to bring attention to the area and the battle to preserve it. Best known for his ski films, his new documentary, Stand, will center around a standup paddling journey through the Great Bear. Fundraising for the film has been going slow (you can donate here), but Bonello and his crew are moving ahead regardless.”