Seabird Rescue – NSW

Australian Seabird Rescue Inc is a coastal wildlife conservation and protection organisation with three branches covering most of the NSW coastline. Their mission statement is ‘to reduce the human impact on the environment’.

They are known for their work rescuing the Australian pelican, but over the years their expertise has expanded to all manner of seabirds, sea turtles and marine mammals.

Members undertake regular clean up campaigns, removing tonnes of marine debris and domestic waste from our precious waterways. They are also very active in the community running awareness and education programs to all ages through street stalls and visits to schools and community groups, and connect with the thousands of visitors to a coastal education centre each year. Their work has also effected change in legislation, with the introduction of a ban on the mass release of helium balloons in NSW (dolphins and other creatures end up suffocating on these).

From one pelican to another, thanks for offering a helping hand where you can.