Sanctuary in the Sea: a Gulf of the Farallones Experience

This video is the introspective self portrait of an old school sea urchin diver. A man who spent over 20 years solo diving the Farrallones. A remote chain of islands 30 miles off the coast of San Fransisco, whose rough waters are home to one of the worlds densest populations of great white sharks. Having worked in the company of great white sharks for years without incident it became apparent that they were not the monsters they were said to be. Forming a bond with these waters he soon realized that there’s only so much we can take without giving back before they collapse. He traded in his fishing gear for some video cameras and started harvesting images rather than urchins. This is the story of a mans life at sea in the company of sharks.

A very cool video that Sean Havas and Robert Moynier highly recommend.

(Thanks for the heads up Rob!)