Stop the bombs in the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

photo by Pete Thomas

photo by Pete Thomas

From a protected source:

“This is an attempt at stopping the bombs, I really hope you can help.

For over 1 month now, the playgrounds area has had at least 3 boats every day bombing the reefs. When the weather is good, they can do over 5 cycles of bombing and collecting the dead fish in a day. Each cycle is between 5 – 8 bombs. Just doing a low average we calculate over 2250 bombs have been exploded in a 15 mile radius area. You can see what this looks like from footage shot this morning.


Please share the video link with whoever you think can help to get the word out. I need this posted on every site, everybody’s FB and linked as if there is no tomorrow.The goal is to help Indonesians feel strongly about protecting their waters from bomb boats, and nudge them into action. So any of your Indonesian friends with connections, websites or blogs, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE forward it onto them with the instructions to do the same again. If there is one positive difference you are going to make online today, please spend an hour of your life and get this to as many people who you think will make a difference. We’ve tried everything else, and the bomb boats are still here. I think in the age of social media, we can do better.

Time is against us. Another 28 bombs have gone off that I have heard whilst sitting here writing to you and waiting for the upload to finish.