Killer whales and their friends


This is the story of a woman that follows her heart and is not paralyzed by fear. Finally a scientist that actually gets in the water to study big fish. The way she interacts with these intelligent apex predators is nothing short of astounding. Even more proof that when it comes to marine predators, people are simply not on the menu.

From BBC Natural World. Simply immense.

“The sad truth is that sharks have become some of the most endangered animals on our planet. With many populations down by over 90 percent, the time to act is now. The reality is that it may already be too late for some species. Being apex predators sharks reproduce very, very, slowly. This makes it incredibly difficult for their populations to bounce back. Remove the apex predators from any eco system and that eco system is sure to die. The problem for us is that the eco system we are speaking of is the ocean. So what you might say. We live on land. Who needs the ocean? Blah, blah, blah. Well we breath oxygen on land. We need oxygen to live. Most don’t realize that we get 70 percent of our planets oxygen from the ocean. This means if the ocean dies so do we. That is a fact. So even if you hate sharks, as a matter of self preservation, we need to start working together to save them.” – Sean Havas