Beyond the surface: documentary on surfing, women, and India


The pitch:

“Ishita Malaviya, India’s first female surfer, is joined by a unique and talented group of women – Crystal Thornburg-Homcy, Liz Clark, Lauren Hill, Emi Koch, and Kate Baldwin. With unshakable determination for a better world they will travel through Southern India documenting the ways in which surfing, yoga, and ecological creativity are bringing hope and fueling change for local people and the Planet. The saturated hues of India set the scene for this documentary that will touch upon eco-tourism, youth and women’s empowerment, biocentrism and personal growth. They will be integrating these causes with the pursuit of India’s perfect waves, highlighting the undeniable power of surfing to bring joy amongst suffering. Documentary-style interviews with the local Indian community, filmed by award winning cinematographer, Dave Homcy, will capture this rare and inspiring endeavor with the goal of sharing these stories with the global surf community and beyond. They intend to bring a spark of hope to the people we meet who face social disparity and suffering, and empower those without voices. All the while, they will discover more about themselves, exchange life experiences and – through the medium of film – inspire others to seek a deeper connection to their fellow humans and to the wonder of nature.”

Personally, I don’t think surfing can accomplish all such things (rather, often it makes things far more complicated and troublesome for people and the communities they are a part of). To accomplish such things one needs broader and more substantial structural, institutional and discursive change (sorry, I have sadly become a cynic about such feel-good liberalism given my experience researching and working on sport and development issues/projects – unfortunately, surfing doesn’t have that “undeniable power”). This, however, doesn’t mean surfing cannot be part of efforts to improve people’s lives. This remains an optimistic and interesting endeavour and best of luck to them! I really hope it does have the results they want it to and they get funds to complete it.

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