Norður: Almost Arctic by James Aiken

norwegian seaNorður: Almost Arctic is a short independent film. It began as a surf trip to a remote region of the West Fjords of Northern Iceland, but then a major a major storm interrupted. While there is little actual wave-riding in this clip I would argue THIS IS surfing – the process of getting there and back is as much a part of surfing as actually riding the waves. The crew fot to experience the regions history, landscape and understand how a long held set of values and traditions will adjust to fit into a modern world. At one point they met the most northerly resident in Iceland. On Magic Seaweed the filmmaker James

Aiken explains:

We started trekking where the road ended … Three days dragging sleds with all our kit: boards, filming equipment, water housings etc. Across the mixed terrain of icy scree, rock and snow through a landscape riven by crevasses brought us to our destination, a mixture of promising reefs and beaches. On arrival we climbed the nearest mountain to get some phone signal, this was a prearranged safety communication to receive a weather and surf forecast. The unfortunate news was that the hurricane force winds associated with Sandy were coming our way and we had to return post-haste. The trip was over.