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paper sea

Really great independent publishing project up and running. Paper Sea: Honest stories and critical pictures about surf, travel and art


Paper Sea Quarterly started as a simple recognition of the need for change. Intelligent, creative men and women with an appreciation for hand-crafted quality will find honest stories and critical pictures on surf, travel and art from likeminded contributors the world over.We saw the need for a creative alternative and so we present to you a quarterly book for people who share our affinity for the ocean, creativity in its infinite manifestations and the thrills and perils of travelling amongst far away cultures.

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In the latest issue they have paintings by Kåre Martens (a fave artist of ours)

Kåre Martens writes

When I create paintings my ideas come from the head, not the gut. The head is all about reasoning and responding to a particular problem. The ideas that come from the gut, however, are more intuitive, more an expression of past experiences, not something that can necessarily be controlled. I painted this series from the gut. My father was a sailor. Like many young men of his generation who lived on the Norwegian coast, he started on a commercial ship and travelled the world when he was fifteen years old. I know him to be a fairly straight-laced man but the stories that pop out now and then are incredible and seem out of tune with who he is today.