Please support the production of this short surf film: “Within”

Darius Devas makes bautiful things. This is his latest endeavour. Well worth supporting. The ‘baa loves his work.

The aim of the campaign is to raise $10,000 to fund the production of Within as well as The Making Of Within.

You can support the campaign here

Within is a short film consisting of a series of images shot in the ocean and inside the barrel of a wave, from a camera strapped to the front of my board, shooting in super slow motion. Inside the barrel, borders dissolve, time shifts and another reality opens. Within will give us the space to linger, in vivid vibrant detail, dwelling on the water in movement, flowing through the majestic fold of nature. Cutting through and into the waves, seeing them beyond merely a body of shifting water but as a life form unto themselves. The images will be accompanied by a spoken word narration that I will write, inspired by my favourite poets, including Henry David Thoreau, Hafiz, Rumi, Goethe, Rilke, Saul Williams and David Forster Wallace, enriching the visual expressions with a simple message of hope.

This is what Darius has to say about the project:

My name is Darius Devas and I’m a filmmaker who got into filmmaking through Bodyboarding (surf) films. During this time two things happened that seeded the foundations for Within:

The first was Billy, my childhood next-door neighbour and surfing friend, took his life very unexpectedly when he was sixteen. Billy was part of a small group of surfing friends who all grew up together in our small community. My other great surfing friend was Luke, my next-door neighbour who lived between me and Billy. When Billy took his own life I was shocked. I kept asking myself Why? His death shook my foundations and for the first time I began to seriously ask questions about what my life was really about.

The second thing that happened was that I saw a surf film called Echoes by George Greenough, made in 1973. The film took the exploration of the surfing experience to another level through these incredible images inside the barrel of the wave. After seeing Echoes I knew that one day I would like to make a film exploring similar terrain – but only when the HD video camera technology reached a level that made a camera capable of shooting at a super slow motion speed, while being small enough to strap to the front of my board. Finally, after a decade of waiting, the technology has caught up and I have found an HD video camera—the name and model of which we are keeping under wraps for now!—that shoots 720 frames per second, which is super slow motion and is also small enough to strap to the front of my board. So, to mark the 10-year anniversary of Billy’s passing, it is time to make Within.

Much more information available here