Surfin’ Japan


A helpful group of Aussie ex-pats has put together a great guide to the breaks in all of the areas of Japan that get surf. Multiple livecams for checking the surf from Tokyo, detailed surf forecasts, directions to the breaks via train or car, and tips on where to eat and stay near the breaks. Almost too much but the vibe is friendly, as a recent NYT article on surfing and the changes in lifestyle, fashion and surf fraternity in Japan here quotes Junji Uchida, who edits two Japanese surf magazines, saying “the sport increasingly attracts urbanites who appreciate the outdoorsy lifestyle but aren’t necessarily interested in surf’s high-performance, competitive side, which dominated the culture in the ’80s and ’90s. These days it’s about being “fashionable, organic and healthy. During the week you work in the city, and on the weekends you go and hang out at the beach.”


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