Bunny x Wave x Kozyndan (after Hokusai)


“Kozy + Dan, together they are kozyndan.  They live and work together in Santa Monica inbetween travelling the world and unravelling the chaos and absurdity of modern life.  They are avid divers and like to explore the ocean where ever they travel.  Part of the message layered within their artwork speaks of paying more care and attention to the natural world, especially marine environments.

kozyndan are the much loved collaborative art team based out of Los Angeles.  Kozy left Japan to study art in California where she met Dan – the two have been together ever since. Their inherent sense of fun, complimentary vision and love for each other make them an exemplar of artistic collaboration.

The scope of their works ranges from detailed panoramic studies of city life to gentle visions of the natural world, from illustrations for indie magazines Giant Robot and bands to commercial projects for corporate clients.

They are probably most famous for their bunny filled wave inspired by Hokusai’s Great Wave and their amazing panoramas of epic chaos and beauty.”

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The Great Wave

The Great Wave – Hokusai