call to action – stop investment in coal infrastructure

Sign this urgent petition now and help Save the Great Barrier Reef. Australia is about to build one of the biggest coal complexes in the world, damaging the Great Barrier Reef and likely to contribute to global warming. But the company planning the project is deep in debt, and if we can convince a crucial investor to walk away, the whole polluting plan will be derailed…


Australia is about to build some of the biggest coal mines in history, then destructively dredge the Great Barrier Reef to ship hundreds of millions of tonnes of coal to the world. But tomorrow there’s a major chance to stop the project in its tracks and take a stand for our climate!

The emissions from new mines proposed in the Galilee Basin would be greater than the 2009 emissions of Canada or the UK! But the company planning the project is drowning in debt and desperate for a major investor to keep it afloat. Australian rail company Aurizon has expressed interest in a crucial coal rail-line, but after months of deliberation, they’re still on the fence — and a massive outcry could convince them to stay away from this environmentally disastrous and financially risky project.

Tomorrow they’re holding a key meeting with stakeholders. Let’s hit the phone to let them know what we think about this disastrous project and what it’d do to their reputation.

Click to call, and help save our climate and the Great Barrier Reef:

Australia is already the #2 coal exporter in world — and there are enough new mines proposed in the Galilee Basin to roughly triple the amount they produce! If all the coal from the proposed mines were burned, it would be three times Australia’s current climate pollution. Let’s stall this new Australian coal rush before it sets us back years in the fight against climate change.