6 drown in 20 m swim seeking refuge from Egypt, Syria

The bodies of the six drowned Eygptians were laid out on a popular beach in Catania

A fishing boat carrying more than 100 migrants from Egypt and Syria ran aground on a sandbar near the Lido Verde resort in Sicily over the weekend.

Roberto D’Arrigo, a spokesman for the Catania coast guard, told the Guardian that some of the passengers had jumped into the water to try to swim to safety, while others had remained on board.

Among the 98 survivors were about 50 minors, many of them small children, he said.

It was suspected that the six men who died, and who were identified on Sunday as Egyptians between 17 and 27 years old, may not have known how to swim. The Ansa news agency reported that the youngest was to have turned 18 this month.

From the Guardian.com