Unexpected days


Laurie Malton was born and bred in a landlocked country, which was called Rhodesia in those days.

As he grew up, every holiday revolved around fishing and camping trips by the rivers and lakes of the country and very occasionally visiting the ocean through South Africa or Mozambique.

Laurie’s first experience of the ocean, aged around ten, filled him with awe and wonder at the immensity, excitement and mystery of such a foreign element and indelibly imprinted the association that the ocean is the height of holiday heaven.

This was his introduction to what would become a lifelong passion.

Political instability and war beset the nation of Rhodesia as it transitioned to become the new nation of Zimbabwe, and this upheaval led Laurie, amongst thousands of his peers, to search for a new place to live.

After backpacking through Europe and Asia he landed in Australia with a work visa and liked what he saw.

Fortunately he also fell in love with an Aussie, me!  So we married which solved any further visa complications.

Trial and error led Laurie and I to settle in Perth and later, with three kids in tow, we moved to Kalbarri for a sea change.

Throughout all these years every holiday was again spent fishing and camping, with the ocean as the central theme and fishing the main game.

And so began the transformation of passion to career for Laurie as he merged the two into a boat hire business.

Never truer words were said than “if you love what you do, you will never work another day in your life”.

Laurie’s love of the ocean has led him to explore film making to express that passion and in his characteristic way Laurie has nailed it!

The ocean fills his videos.

As anyone can attest who has ever spoken to Laurie about fishing, boating, or anything related to the ocean, Laurie is a great and enthusiastic advocate of all things watery and his videos now share his passion with all who watch.

From OpenABC