Headland – a film and 1970s nostalgia at Lennox Head, Australia


Photograph by Rusty Miller

Excerpt from the film HEADLAND.
Lennox Point, 1970s, featuring Bob Mctavish, John Thomas and Bill Hession amongst others.
Music “Halftide” from the HEADLAND Soundtrack.
Super8 footage by Mick and Tracy Donavan.

Headland is a film documenting a time and place: 1970s Lennox Head, Australia. The film is a collection of super 8 footage contributed by various people. The director/producer is Murray Paterson, who is pulling it all together. You can support the crowdsourcing for the soundtrack here.


There is an interview with Murray Paterson over at Swellnet.

The clip reminded me of Arjun Appadurai point in The Social Life of Things when he writes that nostalgia is the rewriting of “the lived histories of individuals, familial, ethnic groups and classes” (1993: 24). We all do it, more so as we age. It can be fun and evocative.