Eve Fletcher and Marge Calhoun


Eve Fletcher

Eve Fletcher was a California girl who liked to hang out and surf at San Onofre when she wasn’t working as an animator for Walt Disney. Lured across the ocean she flew to Hawai’i in the ’50s with her friend and surfing mentor, Marge Calhoun. They bought a panel truck from Fred van Dyke and had the time of their lives living in it “on surfari” throughout Oahu when they were in their late twenties. Calhoun won the prestigious Makaha International Surfing Championships that year, 1958.

In 2010, Eve said, “I plan to surf till I drop. You are never too old to be stoked.”

marge n eve


Eve Fletcher


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84 years old. surfing sicnce 1957

84 years old. surfing since 1957 – image from arugam