A new journal: Great Ocean Quarterly, a journal of art, literature, history, science and more



Mick Sowry, Mark Willett and Jock Serong
The Great Ocean Quarterly Editorial Team

Featuring the very best writers, artists and photographers, Great Ocean seeks to explore our complex relationship with the sea, not only along our own shores, but around the globe.


Aiming to challenge, surprise, entertain and inform, our launch issue brings you Jon Frank’s stunning photo essay on The Rip, Jack Finlay discussing Polynesian navigation, the lost tale of John Denver and Lee Marvin’s shark fishing adventure in Port Fairy, the delicate line drawings of Hugo Mueke, Favel Parrett’s diary of her sub-Antarctic voyage, Rod Hyett’s seascapes, Gregory Day’s love story with a twist, Shane Howard’s song for a church in peril, and much more besides. Every issue of GOQ is big, saturated in colour, and, like a ten-pound snapper, it’s a weighty and delicious thing to behold.

For the unsuspecting public, Great Ocean Quarterly arrives like the spring easterlies on November 1, just before Cup Weekend. But for you, known to us as a salt-encrusted diehard, this special opportunity:

We are offering to our Founder Subscribers five issues of GOQ with postage and handling included delivered, right to your door. As a Founder Subscriber you’ll be part of the Great Ocean Quarterly family and as we travel from issue to issue we’ll reward your early support. Also, because we love you for helping GOQ get going, you’ll receive an amazing signed print from Bowness Photography Prize Finalist Jon Frank with your copy of the Launch Issue.

Now it’s true that starting such a venture is no mean feat – that’s why we need your help.

If you love the look and feel of Great Ocean Quarterly so far, and love a good read, take the plunge and subscribe now.

You’ll be the coolest kid on the block, and you’ll be with us heaving this great ship off the dock. (And you’ll be helping get books into indigenous kids’ hands!*)

5% of the cover price of every GOQ copy sold is donated to the Indigenous Literature Foundation – see more here: http://www.indigenousliteracyfoundation.org.au/


Get the First 5 Issues of Great Ocean Quarterly delivered right to your door.
Be the first to receive GOQ with each new season and be a Founder Subscriber to Great Ocean Quarterly. Founder Subscribers will be rewarded and acknowledged by GOQ for the life of the title.

With each Founder Subscription you will receive an amazing and beautiful JON FRANK signed high quality print on art paper – from “Storming the Rip”. 5 Issues for just $74.75 including postage and handling to your door.

Our cut off for Founder Subscribers is October 25th so get in early.