Barrier Reef Survey – your comments please

“The Australian and Queensland governments invite you to have your say on the management of the Great Barrier Reef and the adjacent coastal zone. The comprehensive strategic assessment is being carried out under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 and public consultation is a statutory requirement.

Feedback and comments received during consultation will be used to inform the preparation of final reports for the Great Barrier Reef Strategic Assessment. The final reports, as well as a report on the consultation, will be provided to the Australian Minister for the Environment for review and consideration.”

From the new site Have Your Say


“The health of the Great Barrier Reef is declining and requires an urgent “net benefit policy” to ensure development along the Queensland coast does no further damage to the vast coral ecosystem, according to a major government assessment.

The Great Barrier Reef strategic assessment warns that the reef faces numerous threats, including erosion of water quality, a plague of crown-of-thorns starfish and climate change, which is described as the “most serious long-term risk facing the reef”.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s report, which analysed the health of the World Heritage-listed marine park area, identified the need to reduce sediment, nitrogen and nutrient flows onto the reef. A parallel report, conducted by the Queensland government, looked at the condition of the coastline alongside the Great Barrier Reef.

The marine park assessment states that “urgent and effective” intervention is required. It proposes that a “net benefit policy” should ensure coastal activities produce an overall benefit to the reef, with more focus on the overall impact of human activities and weather events such as cyclones, rather than individual events.

It paints a stark picture of the health of the reef, which has lost about half of its coral cover in the past 30 years, with the southern portion of the 2,300km long ecosystem faring particularly badly.

“Unsustainable practices – some dating back more than a century – combined with the last 10 years of extreme weather have affected the ecosystem and reduced its ability to recover from disturbance,” the report states.”

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So the invitation is there to make a public comment for the consultation, closing Friday 31 January 2014

And yes, some might say this is all a waste of time – what with the political processes warped with mining industry insiders on the GBR Review committee of oversight. And state and federal governments strongly pro-mining, ignoring the science, flat-landers abounding. No demand to participate, just holding a small hope that the process might recognise a body of concern too.