Mentawai – the bomb


You have read the brain-numbing Mentawai adverts…

  • tropical island getaways
  • located right in front of X surf break on YY island
  • designed to cater for every need, in and out of the water
  • idyllic set-ups of world class waves in every direction
  • top quality waves every day, rights and lefts, uncrowded
  • eco friendly
  • exquisite environment
  • pristine playground of the Mentawai islands
  • relax and rejuvenate
  • your experience will be one to remember

and then there is this,  that we posted a little while back – not so pretty. So you might one day post-holiday be remembering for other reasons than you thought you were paying for…


A recent update from that protected source – see the vid below showing the Mentawai government officers having a success securing their country’s waters.



Since 1980’s, the remote Mentawai Islands have been attacked by fishermen using dynamite to explode the reef in order to kill fish.  With increasing tourism and local populations, the bombers can no longer operate in secrecy.  This practice must stop!  We are petitioning the Indonesian government to help Mentawai patrol her western border in order to stop bomb fishing and other illegal activities.


What can you do next?

Anggota ini hanya membagi informasi aktifitasnya dengan orang yang mereka kenal.


Sign the petition to support traditional fishermen of the islands and to keep the environment from further degradation here and link to the clip and petition on FB and other social media – thanks!

A little different to how we do it in Oz – where the strife ‘on water’ concerns asylum seekers making their way to Australian territory, and daily goes on. What is different is the so-called military operational and national security requirements simply would have not let the filming occur.  Ordinary media reporting is blocked, meaning we do not hear about it except through the Jakarta Post newspaper and the leaks subsequently re-published beyond borders and through the interwebs. Under the current government’s wrap of silence we would not know a ‘success’ if it bit us, neither the many tragic failures.

See this post from the Guardian from a mental health nurse temporarily working on Australia’s closest territorial outpost to Indonesia, Christmas Island. She was working in the early assessment of people arriving by boat seeking refugee status for a taste of the experience of Australia’s Standard Operating Procedure. Shocking to read what our policies really mean up close.

Nevertheless, not all so glum. Sometimes progress gets made too. Check the video above