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Aquatic Apes (again)


These genes are made for walking – another step from fins to limbs By Ella Kelly, The Conversation It’s one of the most tantalising questions in evolutionary biology: how did our aquatic ancestors… Continue reading

Crossing Antarctica – Børge Ousland


“On my first attempt to cross Antarctica, I walked more than 620 miles to the South Pole. But instead of reaching my destination, on the other side of the continent, I had to… Continue reading

Ice Music


A glimpse of the concert by the Norvegian group founded by Terje Isungset, with Lena Nymark and for the first time Sidsel Walstad on the ice harp. The group is playing on handmade… Continue reading

In defence of the Great White by Samuel Carmody


My father introduced me to surfing when I was seven or eight years old, carrying me into the beach breaks off my childhood town of Geraldton, West Australia, whilst I lay on my… Continue reading

Reincarnation, recycled surfers as swans


who are these four surfer dude-bodhisattva come around again? what does it mean?

Painting Antarctica III – John Kelly


“We are on our way to Rumdoodle. Not the mythical mountain of W E Bowman’s 1956 humorous book, but the dramatic nunatak in Antarctica, close to the Australian base at Mawson, that is… Continue reading



Erik van Sebille, an oceanographer at the University of New South Wales, has built a page which calculates the patterns of plastic detritus drift: click on the ocean map at to place… Continue reading

London Bridge


a sombre end to this messy year, where so much got washed away



Australian surf deadlier than bushfires, sharks Thursday, 28 November 2013 AFP   The Australian surf kills more people than bushfires, cyclones, floods and sharks combined, according to a study that found rip currents… Continue reading

White Xmas from Brian Nevin

by Telus Pro Photo Showdown winning slideshow 2012 Whistler BC April 19,2012 Thankyou Brian!